2021 rattlesnake 


This wine is Made from traditional varieties not using any classic or fine wine methods. 


Its always all a bit of an experiment creating the rattlesnake, classic French varietals are pushed beyond their boundaries to see what can happen. It’s also important to remember the vineyards are the real stars, these sites produce exceptional fruit reflecting their place. 


This wine is made up of many different skin contact ferments.  they were assembled all together & bottled in December.



Riesling (skin) 


Viognier (skin)


Sauvignon Blanc


Pinot Gris (skin) 


gewurztraminer (skin)














What a song, nice blokes too!

Experiments with classic French varietals to see what would happen, no fine wine methods.


Many different skin contact ferments. Varieties are not that important when making it, more so the vineyards they came from to bring it together & make it what it is. But if you have to know heres the break down - Bad Reputation Viognier (skin), Granite Riesling (Skin) & Quartz Bianco (Sauvignon Blanc)

2021 Rattlesnake

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