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Precarious 2021 - Bianco O2 Contact (Zero SO2)

Precarious 2021 - Bianco O2 Contact (Zero SO2)


Precarious 2021 - Bianco O2 Contact (Zero SO2)


It’s a bit of a rare beast, made using a Continuous fermentation technique, 

I kept adding juice as the different parcels ripened at 

different times from different sites throughout vintage, highly stressful

on the indigenous yeasts, bit of rollercoaster you’d say! 

the tank was left slightly on ullage so it had some kind of biological skin (not flor) Plus it took a few extra months to complete fermentation, worlds colliding.

I still don’t know how to explain it, ha nor do I even understand why I do these things they just seem to happen in the moment because Its fun.

(Produced in 2016 & 2018)

Sauvignon Blanc (Moonambel, Quartz Bianco)

Chardonnay (Coghills Creek/Tarrington)

Pinot Gris (Henty)

Pinot Noir Rosé (Coghills Creek)

Viognier (One Bucket, Landsborough)

Gewürztraminer (One Bucket, Coghills Creek, Eastern Peake)


MIKE Bennie

It’s a heap of different grape varieties all blended through a rolling ferment. It was also left un-topped up, a bit. Geez Owen Latta is nailing the interesting, delicious wines.

Fragrant thing, lots of honeysuckle and frangipani floral characters, a bit of sea spray, green apple, faint nuttiness. Tart and tangy to taste, quite racy and herbal in a way, grassy, limey notes and green apple again. Super pleasing, interesting textural white wine here.
Rated : 93 Points

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