Reflections 2016 Dexterous Bunch


In 2013 I made a wine from Eastern Peake Chardonnay, Olandezos Sauvignon Blanc & Gewürztraminer Bunches from Two Vines found in the Pinot Noir Block Planted in 1994.

It was only one barrel left for 17 months on full solids, when the Latta Label was launched this was one of the original wines that came out.



2016 Reflections

Dexterous Bunch

50% Eastern Peake Chardonnay

50% Olandezos Sauvignon Blanc

2 vines worth of Gewürztraminer

2 Barrels

17 months rest in cask (the last 6 left untopped to go oxidative like the previous vintages)

Reflections 2016 Dexterous Bunch